Sweat your day away at May Fitness Club, where all the good things are in one place: good environment, good equipment, and good people. You could also add some variety to your workout by getting some stretches in and revitalising yourself at our yoga studio. For guests looking to embark on an enhanced wellness journey, we also have yoga and boxing classes that will help you achieve your goals in no time during your retreat here at The Waiting Lodge.
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Strengthen your mind-body connection and release your stress and tensions with yoga. Find yourself experiencing improved sleep patterns and emotional wellness, as well as reduced bodily aches and pains.

Swimming Pool

Refresh yourself and have a cooling swim in our figure eight pool.


Complete your workout routine at May Fitness Club by detoxing and rejuvenating at our sauna. What better way than to sweat all your toxins away?

Personal Gym Trainer

You are not alone in your journey to fitness. Our experienced and certified gym trainer will hop on the journey with you and help you achieve your fitness goals in no time. Speak to us today.